Nutrilon Baby Milk Powder



We provide all stages of nutrilon baby milk formula to our global clients as the lowest price Nutrilon milk powder wholesale exporter and supplier. We supply supermarkets and retail stores all over the world, with the majority of our customers coming from Asia, Canada, and the United States of America. In addition, a diverse range of businesses in Europe rely on our Nutrilon milk powder wholesale discount prices. We can also arrange for our products to be delivered to any port of a client’s choosing at the best shipping rates.

Origin country: Germany & Netherlands (Holland).
Net weight: Stage 1 ~ 2: 850 grams, 6pcs per
Carton Stage 4 ~ 5: 800 grams, 4pcs per carton
All in their original packages, authentic products with all certificates which will be supplied during ordering.
We offer stickers and text as per customer’s choice of languages, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Dutch and many more.

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