Soybean Oil



Product Soyabean oil, refined Included in the following group of products: Vegetable oil Description of the product, general characteristics and use Liquid oil can be used for salad dressing, frying and cooking.

Ingredients Oil originating from vegetable seeds

Packaging Steel drums, Bottles (PET), cans (HDPE), 1000 litres tanks (HDPE), bulk, flexibag, tankcontainer.

Shelf life Drums,1000 litres tanks, bulk, flexibag, tankcontainer: 1 year after date of production Bottles and cans : 2 years after date of production Storage and transport conditions

The products can best be stored under the following conditions: Unopened in a cool (± 16oC), dry and dark environment. Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided. These conditions cannot always be achieved. Experience shows that a short time of exposure to light and heat during transport will not decline the shelf life of the product. Target group No specific target group Directions for use Do not heat above 180oC. Do not pour hot oil back into a bottle. Do not place the bottle on a hot surface. Renew oil after 8 utilizations and at least every six months.
Chemical and physical characteristics
FFA (%) NEN-EN-ISO 660 Max 0,1
Moisture (%) NEN-EN-ISO 662 Max 0,05
Impurities NEN-EN-ISO 663 Negative
Colour Lovibond (51/4 inch) NEN 6308 15Y, 1, 5R
Peroxide Value at loading (meg/kg) NEN-EN-ISO 3960 Max 1,0
Relative density at 20oC NEN-EN-ISO 3961 0,91-0,93
Meltingpoint (of fat phase) (oC) Own method 125-140

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