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Wood Pellet is currently the most widely used form of biomass fuel with its popularity continuing to grow worldwide, An estimated 16.5 million tonnes of wood pellet were used globally last year alone. This number is continually increasing as people realise the importance of clean and sustainable energy.

Providing the wood used to make up the wood pellet comes from a sustainable source and is produced without harmful additives, Wood Pellet fuel is considered net neutral, meaning, as part of a cycle they generate no increased greenhouse gas emissions. As a tree grows, it absorbs greenhouse emissions and when that tree is burned it then releases what it has stored resulting in a balanced, sustainable cycle.

If you’re in the market to buy Wood Pellet, you will soon learn that all Wood Pellets are NOT created equal. There are many inferior biomass fuel products on the market offering various pitfalls with their purchase. Some of the major disadvantages include lower calorific values, toxic or unwanted contaminants resulting in pungent and dirty emissions. To blame is the widespread use of cheap fillers and secondary processing of sub-standard biomass materials creating a much lower grade product that lacks most of the benefits typically associated with a high quality produced biomass fuel product. Inferior products can also lead to greater financial expense due to reduced moisture tolerance during transportation and storage, resulting in shorter shelf life and offering vastly lower calorific values. The real damage, however, impacts us all through a damaged environment and personal health issues associated with pollution.

As a leading and respected wood pellet manufacturer in Malaysia, we produce and supply wood pellet product of the highest grade. For your peace of mind, all our products have been independently inspected, tested and certified by SIRIM, The Standards, and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia.

The high calorific values and other data in BIO ENECO™’s wood pellet have also been proven and certified using independent lab tests, carried out by the industries most renowned inspection and testing services, SGS.

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